Breast Augmentation

Who is a good candidate?

If you want a better contour of your breast including an increase in volume.

If you have undergone breast cancer mastectomy and want to undergo a scar less breast reconstruction procedure.

If you want a breast lift with minimal scars


To improve the aesthetic contour of your breasts.



Breast shape analysis


Health assessment

Medical clearance


Types of Breast Surgery


Breast Augmentation: Involves fat re-injection in your breasts to enhance volume.


Breast lifting with roundblock technique: Consists of the lifting and suspension of your breast with a round incision around your areola. This technique avoids the inverted "T" scar.

Final result of a breast lift with the roundblock technique is a lifted breast with incospicuous scars.


Numbing with local anesthesia

Fat aspiration

Fat re-injection


After numbing the breast with tumescent anesthesia, a round incision is made around the areola.

Excess skin above the areola is removed and the remaining breast tissue is approached, lifted and fixed in the new position.

After fixation is completed, a suture is made around the areola and the final result is a new lifted breast.



Antibiotics and pain killers

Supportive measures

Early walking

Early return to work

Early return to gym



The specific risks for each patient can be explained only upon consultation. For this, an individual evaluation of the patient and explanation of the risks will be provided. Complications may occur that do not affect the final result. Major complications are rare.